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About Me

Staging is about bringing soul to a place: the magic dust to how it makes people feel and I have got a pocket full of it!! I feel very lucky to put my love for design, colour and business sense at the service of property investors to make their places appeal to tenants, guests and buyers.

Without knowing the rules, I am not bound by any… I use my eye for colour, my instinct of how to make a space work, as well as the inner joy to break with convention, to produce spaces that attract people, whilst balancing budget with profit...
My obsession (let’s be honest…) with interiors came from the frustration of being a tenant for many years and never feeling at home. I used to fantasize about how I would transform my surroundings and found creative relief in persuading my friends to let me decorate their homes. But back then, I did not even consider that this could be a job. If I knew then that it was the best one for me!

Fabienne Miler